Coldbreaker for Women

Coldbreaker brilliantly mixes a certain authenticity/rusticity and at the same time more modern designs.

Coldbreaker for woman

Coldbreaker for Woman, a know-how made in Dublin

In the heart of Ireland's capital, Coldbreaker has forged its identity in the field of women's ready-to-wear. He established himself through his unique expertise, unique designs and the use of an exceptional material: Irish wool. Coldbreaker's creations are more than just fashion items, a true embodiment of the traditional craftsmanship handed down over generations in Dublin.

The women's range Coldbreaker is distinguished in particular by its soft and elegant footwear, always made with precision and love. Warm and comfortable in winter, while remaining light and breathtaking in summer, they represent a perfect union between contemporary style and traditional crafts. Coldbreaker-signed accessories are not left out: luxurious scarves, hand-knitted caps or double gloves bring this final touch that makes all the difference.

Every product stamped "Coldbreaker" honours Ireland's textile heritage by highlighting its richness: wool preserved in its original purity to offer today's women unique pieces combining craftsmanship and contemporary trend.

Coldbreaker for women, 100% natural products

The Coldbreaker concept is based on a simple philosophy: offering women products of the highest quality, made from 100% natural materials, while guaranteeing impeccable comfort and optimum protection from the cold. By using Irish wool in the design of each of his pieces, Coldbreaker is committed to this eco-responsible approach while preserving the traditions of craftsmanship.

Whether it's cosy shoes to cocoon yourself at home or fancy accessories to face the outside, every Coldbreaker article is created for the sake of detail and perfection. Thanks to the excellent natural thermal capacity of Irish wool, these parts promise warmth and ease even on the coldest days. This noble fiber also helps to effectively remove moisture away from the body, thus ensuring a pleasant feeling in all circumstances. With Coldbreaker, protecting yourself from the cold has never been more elegant and authentic.

Coldbreaker for women, Irish wool pieces

Irish wool, an emblematic material of Coldbreaker women's creations, has exceptional characteristics. It is distinguished by its soft touch and unparalleled comfort of use. More than just a fabric, it is a truly superior quality material that ensures a unique well-being for carriers.

Weather resistant and naturally insulating, Irish wool provides remarkable protection against cold while effectively controlling body temperature. Its ability to absorb and evaporate moisture makes it an undeniable ally on cooler or wet days. Coldbreaker pieces made of Irish wool are therefore ideal for coping with climate challenges while remaining at the forefront of women's fashion. Coldbreaker's blend of tradition and innovation, durability and style offers an outstanding dress experience where every detail counts.

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