Just as testimonies, the new colors of the Merci linen collection pay homage to the warm light of summer, by tracing different moments of a beautiful day during the warmest season of the year.


The new colors express the passing of time.

As if they have lived and were tanned by the sun.

The collection shows four colors : Mist Grey, Sunrise Pink, Midday Yellow et Zenith Blue. A vintage spirit can be found in each of these colors which seem faded but shine bright at the same time.


Everlasting, an endless renewal, the Merci tints can be mixed and matches depending on moods, seasons and desires.

Choose a uni total look or mix up the sheets with different colors. The four new colors are also available as table and bath linen.

Available at the Merci Store, 111 boulevard Beaumarchais

and on our e-shop, starting from the 4th of march.

With its delicate touch, linen is a natural material. The Merci linen is cultivated in France and Belgium and certified OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100. The dyes are GOTS certified.

This certification guarantees the organic status of the used fibers and assures that from beginning to end, the production procedures are eco-friendly and socially responsible.