Denim - Merci's leitmotif for the next 30 days.

Eternal basic and favorite piece of our wardrobe. The blue canvas has seduced us for decades, thanks to its astonishing ability to renew itself and its multitude of styles.

It is for its fiery and overflowing creativity and its infinite variations that Merci adopts it as an exhibit. Combining aesthetics and function, Merci invites you to enter into an epic, vibrant denim space.
Merci set out to meet the know-how of those who draw their inspiration from denim.
Come and discover three different styles: the workwear allure of the 90's, the nonchalant allure of the muses of the 70's and the romantic allure of today.

From March 4 to April 4 at Merci at 111 Bd Beaumarchais, 75003 Paris.


PATiNE was created 4 years ago.

It’s the result of the idea to create cool clothes that you love and want to wear often and FOREVER. While staying eco friendly, limiting our carbon footprint, being conscious about the environment and not adding even more clothes on mother earth that we will never wear.

What is PATiNEs concept? 

The idea of PATiNE is to be conscious about what you put on your body as you do when you put food in your body : cooking up something perfect, with good ingredients, that makes you want to enjoy it.

When we open our dresser and say “Of course, I am going to put on this thick, bright t-shirt with an amazing texture and a perfect fit”.

PATiNE designs clothes that make you happy and do not take too much space, neither in your closet nor on a conscious level of your mind.

What are PATiNE commitments?

PATiNE doesn’t go by the seasonal calendar. We don’t work in collections.

We started with a 100 % organic cotton t-shirt which is made of 40% recycled fibers. Our cotton t-shirts are knitted especially for us. 

PATiNE t-shirts are thick, just like those I found on flea markets in the US back in the days. 

From cotton to dressmaking, we are producing and creating locally. 

All our efforts on the raw materials, the transportation, each element we use and the places we work with allow us to calculate our carbon footprint, water use and pollution. We regularly compare our results with standard clothes, to keep an eye on the scale

Thanks to our great scores, we can say “this is a great material, it can be part of the PATiNEdressing”. 

We work on the material one by one, to make our ideal dressing. It’s like playing with Barbie but in 2021 with a very low impact on the planet.

We started by launching the t-shirts, we did the same thing for the sweats and the jeans we have launched exactly 2 years ago, that you can find now, here at Merci.

In November, we launched our first shirt and some jewelry out of organic acetate. 

Before every launch we do a huge research session on a particular material, that matches our style and DNA. To be integrated, the processing of the material needs to be able to save a lot of energy compared to “standard clothing”. 

What are PATiNEs main pieces? 

We have our jean named Brenda which is available in store at Merci.

Brenda allows us to save a lot of water, the denim is made without any coton. 

Our jeans are stretch-free, which makes them authentic with a nice touch. They are also much more comfortable than the conventional jeans made with cotton. 

We have two cuts:

- The slim that all the cool girls in my High school had during the 90’s, with their Converses and used jean jackets. We designed this jean with a slim fit and a high waist.

- The curvy, which we easily imagine on Cindy Crawford, drinking a Pepsi (except it is organic and local!). This cut is looser, cooler, very comfortable with a nice fit.

The Brenda denim is available in three different shades of blue

Now you have the chance to try them on at Merci! Since we only sell them online it's the perfect occasion.

At the Merci store we also show the t-shirts that started it all. The Willie jersey , is very thick and textured because it is made of 40% recycled cotton. 

We know that the Willie jersey ages well because we now have three and a half years of feedback from customers that we regularly ask on how our t-shirts are doing, and they are doing perfectly! 

We have 2 cuts::

- The Cool Willie with rolled up sleeves 

- The Iconic Willie because its cut is simply iconic. 

We also have, the Marty sweatshirt very thick and textured thanks to the recycled fibers.

Here as well, we have 2 cuts:

- The Marty 90 with a small raglan, which gave him its nickname “perfect-sweat”.

We have several colors, including one pink sweat that we sell as well as the classic black sweat.

- The Marty Oversize with a nice and loose cut. We have several colors.

One last word?

PATiNE is sold mainly online because our qualitative raw materials are costly to produce. Digital is a great way to have the possibility to offer friendly prices.