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  • How can small businesses make a big impact? If a picture is worth a thousand words, branding is the tool to shine in a sea of thousands of competitors. This title showcases the best branding in recent years for traditional small businesses
  • Gathering the best examples, it shows how a well-designed, holistic branding strategy can take a butcher shop, a bookstore, a bakery, or even a physical therapist from being a standard business to a unique one
  • Whether you're launching a new business or giving your business a facelift, creativity is the best asset to do more with less and create a lasting customer footprint. Small budgets, sustainable approaches, and hyperlocal inspirations are behind some of the most successful projects in recent years. This book is your tool to stand out
  • Author: Gestalten
  • Number of pages: 256 pages, hardcover
  • Dimensions: 24x28 cm
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