The Venice Witch Oracle set

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The first oracle by Lili Nguyen, from the Instagram account This is Venice. Lili Nguyen created this oracle to guide you through all your questions. Whether you need to clarify a situation, lift the veil on your emotions, overcome a difficult choice or simply take some time for personal reflection, the 33 cards will send you their spiritual messages in all kindness and accuracy, thanks to the accompanying book that explains each of them. Let your intuition and Lucie Corbasson's illustrations guide you to fully embrace all that the Universe has to offer. This box contains the oracle of 33 cards with bright pink gilding, a color book of 84 pages and a velvet bag decorated with a medal. 

Author : Lili Nguyen 
Number of pages : 86 pages, hardcover

Dimensions: 11,5 x 16 cm

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