Washed linen duvet cover


For more than 10 years now, Mercis washed linen have been a staple item in our bedroom, with its beautiful, colorful and naturally wrinkled texture which we fine-tune each year. 

Our teams relentlessly pay attention to quality and finishes since the launch of our linen collection. 

The washing process provides softness and smoothness to the fabric - a feeling of newly-washed sheets, time after time. 

A natural material with a delicate touch, the fibers of our high quality flax are cultivated in France and Belgium and certified OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100. 

The pigments used are GOTS certified.

Pure washed linen duvet cover: 

• Extra soft touch and natural wrinkled look 
• 160 g/m² 
• Flap closure 
• The flap allows you to tuck the duvet cover from the inside and keep it from showing 
• Additional fastening with mother of pearl buttons keeps the duvet in place 
• Discrete and neat seams on the inside 

Did you know? 

After each wash, the fabric softens for even more tenderness.
Linen keeps you warm in winter as it cools you in the summer.

Wash at 40°C and air dry if possible.

Nothing better than drying your washed linen sheets in the fresh air if you can. If you prefer to use a tumble dryer, choose a moderate temperature and remove your sheets when they are still damp, the fibers will soften for even more comfort.

The great advantage of linen: it does not have to be ironed. Durable and easy-care.
100% linen, cultivated in France and Belgium