Book - Petits espaces Grand standing

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  • Cities are becoming denser, the price per square meter is exploding and our homes are getting smaller. Architects, designers and residents compete in inventiveness and ingenuity to develop new conceptions of space and to make small rhyme with warmth, comfortable, surprising and functional.
  • Where to store bikes, suitcases or sheets? How to place the desk, the bed or the sofa? Can you realize your dream of a bathtub in a 22 m²? What play areas for children in a small habitat?
  • Petits Espaces Grand Standing explores design ideas and offers multiple solutions for fitting out a small apartment.
  • French language
  • Number of Pages: 256 pages
  • 21x26cm
type: livre
vendor: 1751-pollen-diffusion-difpop
subcat: subcat:lifestyle