Cook with Merci

...When restaurant owners use our products

Anne-Charlotte, chef and founder of Joà, has been a Merci customer for years.
In her café located in the 11th arrondissement, you can find melted brownies, babkas, or even moelleux.

Merci home linen accompanies her in her everyday kitchen preparations. From tablecloths to aprons, tea towels and napkins, Merci objects have become daily essentials for Anne-Charlotte.

Petit bol Nativia - Crème
Nativia small bowl - Cream 13 €
Beurrier en verre moulé
Glass butter dish 17 €



Kitchen's accessories


Tea towels


Anne-Charlotte's daily essentials

Tasse ristretto - Blanc
Mug ristretto - White 10,50 €
Fourchette Bistrot - Orange
Bistrot fork - Orange 13 €
Just across the street from the Merci boutique is the Breton café-canteen named Joà, meaning "joy" in Breton

JOA - Café & Cantine Gourmande
20 Bd des Filles du Calvaire, 75011 Paris