A natural material with a delicate touch, the fibers of our high quality flax are cultivated in France and Belgium.

Linen quilts 

Merci offers a selection of cozy linen quilts to warm up both your evenings and nights, helping you create a cocoon of well-being. Merci washed linen quilts are perfect to complete your washed linen bedding or even to cover a sofa, a bench or an armchair. As linen is both a cool and warm material, your quilt will be very useful in winter as well as in summer, to accompany you during the coolest evenings of the season. Merci linen quilts are uniquely soft and supple: Merci washed linen becomes softer and more supple after each wash, bringing you comfort and warmth all year long. Merci linen quilts are available in a variety of colors: from the coolest to the warmest, beautiful and sober colors that will add a subtle and original touch to any room. The quilts are available in the same colors as our bed linen: find Petroleum Blue quilts, Clay Pink quilts, Anduze green quilts... With our selection of linen quilts, you can choose to match your quilt to your bed linen, for a classic and efficient look, or you can add a touch of color by using the mix & match technique.

Bring even more comfort to your bedding with our washed linen quilts... 

Both soft and silky, bring a final touch to your bedding or sublimate your sofa… Merci's washed linen quilts are both light and durable, to last you a whole lifetime. The quilt is an essential piece of your bedding sets, only one is necessary but you can choose several quilts and vary the colors according to your mood and to the season. 

Let yourself be surprised by our washed linen bedding... 

To go further and give your bedroom an entire makeover, Merci proposes its washed linen bedding: duvet covers for all bed sizes, flat sheets, fitted sheets and pillowcases. You can also decorate your bed or sofa with a washed linen XL cushion. If you want to mix materials, Merci does not only make washed linen bed linen: discover our cotton gauze bed linen and our cotton percale bed linen. The materials can be mixed and matched to your liking, for a totally unique final result that you will never get tired of. Our cotton gauze bedding is also very soft, for restful nights. It will lull you to sleep until the very morning. Cotton gauze has the advantage of being very soft and it softens with time. Its vaporous touch and its natural crumpled aspect, similar to that of linen, makes it ideal for summer nights.

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