Hair care

Hair Care

For the past 10 years, Merci has followed you everywhere, as well as in your bathroom. The art of living is at the heart of Merci to help you choose the details that will make the diffrence in your care routine. Discover our range of hair care products. Far from being a simple selector of objects, Merci is a vigilant and attentive eye on our daily life that participates, as best as it can, in making it a little less ordinary from day to day. With this in mind, Merci has prepared you a selection of quality care, combining aesthetics and utility. To take care of your curls or create them, our range Cut By Fred propose you the Wake Up Curl day 2 spray for natural curly hair or the Surf Mist Vegan spray for a wavy look just like at the beach, suitable for all type of hair. Our favorite ? The Stick Detox Cut By Fred shampoo that can be carried everywhere and for all types of scalps that needs to be purified without being damaged. No volume or little volume ? The David Mallet powder volume is an easy-to-use hair care to create beautiful hair with tousled effet, combining volume and spring. For damaged, brittle and dry hair, Christophe Robin's regenerating mask with prickly pear oil, with its creamy formula, melts perfectly into the hair for a deep and long-lasting action from the roots to the ends. Finally, after the shower, adopt our round brushing brush made of natural wood and boar spikes for perfectly smooth hair. Did you know? The delivery is offered in all France. You can also pay your purchases in a very secure way via Paypal or HiPay. On our site, we constantly try to offer you a selection that is close to our heart. Discover more in our Parisian store located at 111 boulevard Beaumarchais. Keep yourself up to date with all the Merci news by subscribing to our newsletter and for any further information, contact our customer service.

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