Art of the table

Poêle en ferPoêle en fer

Iron pan

From 39,50 €
Bouteille filtranteBouteille filtrante
Ouvre-noix en acier inoxydable satinéOuvre-noix en acier inoxydable satiné
Presse-ail autonettoyantPresse-ail autonettoyant

Garlic Press

18 €
Pocheuse à oeufs

Eggs poacher

12 €
Planche baguette en boisPlanche baguette en bois
Poêle en acierPoêle en acier

Steel pan

43 €
Wok en acierWok en acier

Steel wok

74 €
Louche en boisLouche en bois

Wood ladle

9,95 €
Lunch Box ArgentéeLunch Box Argentée

Lunch Box - Silver

From 34 €
Beurrier en verre mouléBeurrier en verre moulé

Kitchen accessories

For 10 years, Merci has been with you in your daily life, in your kitchen or on your tables. Find all the accessories and kitchen utensils you will need for your cooking, your preparations and your homemade dishes.
Our quality selection will allow you to make cakes, pizzas or any other pastries.
Coffee and tea kettles for the hot drink enthusiast. Wood, marble or slate cutting boards, ideal for home cooks looking to make pretty presentations. For your cooking, Merci among others, for selecting the French brand De Buyer. Merci and De Buyer offers two iron pans and a wok, ideal for cooking your meat, fish or vegetables. The wok will allow you, for example, to make a vegetable stir-fry.
Also find the London brand Black & Blum with its filter water bottle. A water bottle made from plastic, cork, stainless steel and silicone that you can take with you wherever you go. The most of this bottle? It contains Binchotan activated carbon which filters and improves the taste of water. Merci has also selected more atypical accessories such as a tortilla press, a pasta machine, a Dutch oven or a glass pan. Glass is a material that has been used for centuries and is very safe to use. It is chemical free so there is no risk of them getting into your food. When the glass is tempered, it can withstand high temperatures.
You can also find all the small utensils such as a glass citrus press, a glass cruet, a granite salt and pepper pot, a molded glass butter dish or even stainless steel straws.
Granite, glass, marble, stainless steel ... These are all environmentally friendly materials that you will enjoy keeping and enjoying for a long time.
Did you know ? Delivery is free throughout France. You can also pay for your purchases very securely in 2 or 3 installments free of charge with Alma from € 150 of purchase.
On our site, we constantly try to offer you a selection that is close to our hearts. Find out more in our Parisian store located at 111 boulevard Beaumarchais.
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