Cotton gauze curtains

Cotton gauze curtain with a subtle and naturally wrinkled texture.

Cotton gauze curtains

Merci cotton gauze curtains are perfect to sublimate your windows, just as well as your interiors. Cotton gauze has the advantage and the particularity of being a very soft and vaporous material, which makes it ideal for filtering light and letting it penetrate a room with delicacy. Merci cotton gauze curtains have a soft feel and look similar to Merci washed linen, naturally wrinkled, which requires no ironing. Merci cotton gauze curtains are hung with clip rings so you can adjust the length and fall of the curtains without any sewing. They are therefore essential and unavoidable elements of decoration to sublimate your interior and transform the whole atmosphere into something very new and unique. Both traditional and modern, Merci cotton gauze curtains are available in several colors, calling to the memory of the beautiful city of Paris. 

Beige Quai de Seine, Gris Fusain, Gris de Paris, Brun Eiffel... 

Each color is different and at the same time sober, to give an elegant touch to your home and sublimate it in the most subtle way. Cotton gauze curtains of exceptional quality that give an impeccable fall and an unmatched flexibility. Merci cotton gauze curtains will be perfect as blackout curtains if you choose a darker color: your room or your living room will not be plunged in total darkness but the room will be dark enough that the light does not enter completely and the temperature, cool or temperate, is maintained. 

But also washed linen curtains... 

Merci washed linen curtains are available in different colors and are therefore perfect to be associated with cotton gauze curtains or veils, to have a mismatched effect, both colorful and contemporary. Merci washed linen curtains also have a natural wrinkled look thanks to the light and flexible material that is linen, and are therefore nice to hang for any occasion and during any season. 

Curtains that match with the bed set…

Our cotton gauze curtains are available in the same colors as our bedding, so discover our duvet covers, flat sheets, fitted sheets, pillowcases and even our XL cushions, also in cotton gauze, to adopt a total gauze look in your home. Merci cotton gauze bedding is ideal for any time of year: in winter or summer, it will sublimate any size bed, thanks to the wide range of sizes we have available. From single beds to the largest beds, transform your bedroom with a quality bedding set that will last a lifetime. Merci's cotton gauze bed linens are ideal for creativity and imagination: mix & match is the name of the game and you can create color combinations that will radically transform the atmosphere of your bedroom, adding a touch of originality that is all your own. 

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