Butter knives

Butter knives

Merci invites you to discover now its selection of butter knives. Butter knives are essential and also must-have kitchen items to have in your drawers and in your cutlery set. To spread your butter during breakfast time, to spread your cheese after a dinner with friends, or even to spread jam or all types of spreads  when it is time for a little sugary snack. More practical than an usual serrated knife, it will allow you to easily spread any type of soft food, melted and hard. Unlike serrated knives, the butter knife is safer and can therefore be used by younger children, thanks to its blade which is not sharp at all and will not cause any injury if met with the skin. Our stainless steel butter knives with their original design will be perfect to add a modern and contemporary touch to your table. 

Knives of all shapes to accessorize your kitchen... 

The spreader is an essential kitchen utensil that can very well gather several qualities: elegance, practicality, aesthetics... With the butter knives selected by Merci, your breakfasts will never be the same and you will not be able to do without. Discover the knives selected by Merci: butter knives with teak handles, butter knives with acrylic handles, butter knives with horn handles, pure and minimalist designs, and others... A complete selection with the best butter knives to find the spreader that will suit you best and that will accompany you in your everyday life from morning to night. 

To go with your butter knives... 

Find our design butter dishes, some with a more modern look and others more classic: enamel, stoneware, glass, white or colored or transparent, find the butter dish that will go best with your new spreader. Merci also offers a selection of more varied cutlery, enough to compose a complete service: meat knives, dessert forks and table forks, large and small spoons, decoration spoons... You'll find all the essentials you need to set the prettiest of tables and impress your guests with unusual cutlery designs. Our different cutlery families all have a particularity and an exceptional design: whether it is thanks to their color or the way they were conceived, you will never not have enough choice. 

A selection of tableware waiting just for you… 

Discover also all of our plates, dinner and soup plates, dishes, cups and glasses, as well as our pots and pans, to give a makeover to your kitchen! Find high-end materials such as ceramic, glazed stoneware, glass, terracotta, clay... Kitchen utensils to keep in your kitchen for a lifetime, as well as sublimate your home or a second home in the countryside. Discover artisans who advocate and maintain the "Made in France" label such as Jars Ceramist or La Rochère, or travel to the other side of the world, in Colombia, with Indigena and their handmade pottery that represents hundreds of years of ancestral Colombian techniques.  

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