Thick linen cushions

Merci imagines a new line to its traditional linen collection - The thick linen cushions. They come in three sizes and nine colors...

Thick cushion

Why choose a thick pillow for her inside?

In the heart of all our homes, cushions occupy an important place. A wise addition to these small treasures gives each space a unique and warm identity. Then why don't you dare go further with a thick pillow? This type of cushion, often overlooked, is easily taken in the decor of a bedroom, living room or office.

Far from being a mere aesthetic element, the thick cushion offers a variety of advantages that exceed its less-groomed counterparts. The comfort it offers is incomparable: it perfectly blends the contours of the body for memorable relaxation sessions. In addition, it can be used as an improvised seating area for parties with friends or family.

In the Line of House Thanks, each cushion is considered a manifestation of Parisian good taste: combining quality and durability with simplicity. Choosing a thick cushion becomes not only a practical choice, but also an undeniably relevant aesthetic decision.

Characteristics of a thick cushion

The first feature that distinguishes a thick cushion is, not surprisingly, its volume. More plump than a classic cushion, he invites relaxation from the first glance. Its material, usually cotton or linen washed for a single touch, offers a rich and pleasant sensory experience, accentuated by its dense and soft padding.

Beyond its primary function as a comfort item, the thick cushion is also a decorative chameleon. It fits easily with your existing bench or chairs to add a colourful touch or to create an attractive contrast. Available in a variety of textures and shades, from soft to vibrant, it instantly brings a dose of visual energy to any interior space. The choice of location is limited to your imagination: by placing it on a bench in the entrance or at the foot of the bed in the bedroom.

In conclusion: Unquestionable comfort, touch-friendly material and visually attractive appearance make the thick cushion a must-have deco ally.

Use of the thick cushion

The thick cushion fits perfectly for a wide range of uses, making each space more functional and comfortable. Its presence on your bench can instantly turn a simple sofa into a cozy nest where it's good to relax after a long day. It can also serve as an additional seat for user-friendly meetings around the coffee table.

To add a dose of color to your decor, choose a colorful thick cushion. Whether it's on your bed to create a welcoming space or in a study room to provide a comfortable reading area, the thick cushion always brings this extra touch that makes all the difference. On cool evenings, there's nothing more pleasant than getting stuck in a good blanket while enjoying the softness of a large cushion.

In the end, with its rich and varied background and promise of unparalleled comfort, the thick cushion finds its place in every corner of the house - on the living room bench, the desk chair or even on the floor for the most daring. This luxurious addition to your everyday life is much more than just a deco accessory: it is the embodiment of well-being within your cocoon.

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