The Used Book Café

At the Used Book Café, genres are mixed and hundreds of "second hand" books are waiting to be glanced through, either on the spot or in a take away.
Time is also dissolved at the Used Book Café and you can have lunch, brunch, coffee or tea, stop for a fruit juice or a boiled egg (organic with its buttery breadcrumbs). Or maybe it's a little bit of all that at the same time. The first of Merci's restaurant spaces to open, this literary café is also a fine summary of its kind, as it occupies the Boulevard's windows with all its cosyness, where products are usually displayed.
On the first floor of the store

Monday to Friday, and Sunday
10am - 7pm
10am - 8pm

Reservations are not required, except for groups of 6 or more people.
Booking by email: efourcou@merci.paris
or by phone 0142770033

For any privatization request, please contact us by email at
communication@merci.paris and efourcou@merci.paris