Teapots and coffe maker

Teapots and coffee makers

For the past 10 years, Merci has followed you in your kitchen as well as on your table. The art of home is at the heart of Merci to help you choose the details that will make a real difference in your home. Discover our range of teapots and coffee makers. Far from being a simple selector of objects, Merci is a vigilant and attentive eye on our daily life that participates, as best as it can, in making it a little less ordinary from day to day. With this in mind, Merci has prepared you a selection of the most beautiful home appliances, combining aesthetic and utility. For people who can’t start a day without a good coffee, the coffee maker Lady Anne KnIndustrie made of aluminum, with multiple curves, taking inspiration from 18th century coffee sets, for a retro look. The Moka Bialetti coffee maker, with a contemporary and modern design that blends with the best tradition so that you can enjoy the full taste and aroma of coffee every day. Finally, for a more minimalist style, discover the classic coffee maker Belco made in France in our selection. The wooden collar and the leather link that surrounds it give it a very elegant style. It is used with a simple filter to place on top of the coffee maker. Ideal to have a coffee with a maximum of flavors and aromas. For the tea and infusions lovers, our two glass teapots with their stainless steel filters will allow you to make your most delicious teas. Merci also offers you a loose box of organic green tea from L'infuseur which offers a rich blend of flavors that will awaken all your senses, combining Sencha green tea, Yunnan green tea, ginger, juniper and apple pieces. Did you know? The delivery is offered in all France. You can also pay your purchases in a very secure way via Paypal or HiPay. On our site, we constantly try to offer you a selection that is close to our heart. Discover more in our Parisian store located at 111 boulevard Beaumarchais. Keep yourself up to date with all the Merci news by subscribing to our newsletter and for any further information, contact our customer service.

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