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How do I choose cutlery?

The art of the table is a rich and complex expression, which goes far beyond simply eating. At the centre of this universe are the cutlery, essential instruments that require our attention both in their choice and in their use. The choice of cutlery is an important aspect often overlooked when setting up a table.

Whether you are planning a formal dinner or a friendly evening with friends, a well-equipped table with knives and forks can make a difference. The knives and forks are not only functional; they also add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your table.

Navigating the world of cutlery can seem intimidating at first, with a range of options ranging from simple utensils to more elaborate parts. However, understanding a few key principles can turn this task into a pleasant process. This includes knowing the type of utensils you need for each dish served at your table and how each piece fits into the larger aesthetics you are trying to create on your table.

In the following sections, we will explore these aspects in detail to allow you to choose your cutlery with confidence.

What cutlery for what use?

Basically, tableware is divided into three main categories: knives, forks and spoon. Each type has a specific function and is used differently depending on the dish or beverage you eat.

The knives are mainly used to cut or cut harder foods such as meat, bread or certain vegetables. Specific steak knives are often sharper and are designed to cut meat easily. There are also butter, cheese and dessert knives, each suitable for a specific use on the table.

Ranges also play an essential role. They are usually used to bite and hold food while cutting with the knife. But they can also be used to carry food directly to the mouth. The ranges vary in size (serving versus main meals) and shape (traditional versus fish).

The last thing you need on any table is the spoon. Used for a wide variety of foods such as soups, purees, or even some desserts, it is the most versatile tool. The dessert spoon is distinguished from the one for main dishes – usually larger.

In short, choosing your dishes according to their use can greatly improve your culinary experience and contribute to the overall success of the meal.

The cutlery at Merci Paris

At Merci Paris, we understand the importance of choosing your cutlery well. We offer our customers a wide range of knives, forks and spoonfuls, to meet all needs and opportunities. Our combination includes unique designer pieces as well as more traditional selections, all made with the utmost care and the keen eye of the detail that makes our reputation.

Our table knives are designed to bring elegance and efficiency to every meal. Whether you need a sharp knife for your steak or a soft blade to spread butter on your fresh baguette, we have what you need. Our range collections are equally diverse, ranging from delicate dessert ranges to robust table ranges to accompany your main dishes.

As for our spoonfuls, they are beautiful in both the hand and the table. Whether it's a large spoon to serve a tasty homemade soup or a small, perfect coffee spoon to add a soft bitter touch to your espresso, you'll find the perfect choice in our selection.

Each room is designed not only to be functional but also beautiful — transforming every meal into a memorable occasion. Trust Merci Paris to give your table style and charm thanks to our exquisite range of cutlery.

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