The Civette

Welcome to La Civette, 113 Bd Beaumarchais.
Few months after Le Pied-à-Terre opening, on 109 bd Beaumarchais, La Civette (113 bd Beaumarchais) in turn joins the Merci adventure.
For ten years, Merci teams have been thriving to tell more and more stories in their store. And it’s happening! !
Merci is a great scene for young designers to present their creations and have their voices heard. It’s indeed one of the store’s main purposes. From November 2019 on, La Civette will be the new place for collaborations with new brands. Guest brands will play with Merci’s codes and Merci with the brands’ codes.


The collective “Non Merci” takes over Merci!

As an act of resistance against the store "Merci", "Non Merci", is installed at "Merci" (and yes it is necessary to follow ...) in order to show a new way, more clear, more Parisian!
“Non Merci” or the national anthem of the Parisians who do not have time.

Like an ode to this modern and flamboyant Paris, known and recognized throughout France and elsewhere for its warmth, its hospitality and its legendary welcome.
In the 20 arrondissements of Paris, Parisians are taught to exist by "Non Merci" from the very beginning of their childhood.
Very solicited, the Parisian of all sides is above all very pressed...The "Non Merci" is then for him extremely redeeming. It allows him to arrive late of course but especially in a very bad mood at his next appointment.

Two Parisians, nevertheless very Parisian, are presented in the Civette.
The Paris Left Bank (of course) of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, adorned with its bound handwriting, for love of letters.
The second Paris, Right Bank (of course), revolutionary who does not hesitate to impose its vision and to fight so that Paris always remains Paris.

"non merci"

A selection on the e-shop

Merci - Casquette Enfant Non Merci
Merci - Non Merci "Right Bank" Children's Cap - Navy 40 €
Merci - Tote bag en coton Non Merci
Merci - Non Merci "Left Bank" cotton tote bag - Blue 35 €
Tasse à café et sa soucoupe
Coffee cup and saucer "Left Bank" - Non Merci 15 €
Briquet - Rouge
Lighter - Red "Right Bank" - Non Merci 5 €

The Merci Christmas shop

Garland lights and festive oil lamps illuminate the Civette while the ultra colorful hand-woven Christmas ornaments, Ames, infuse it with gaiety.

Handcrafted felt characters rub shoulders with a vintage selection found in Transylvania to make magic rhyme with sustainable development... Without forgetting, of course, all the timeless decorations of a traditional Christmas where the smell of the tree undoubtedly sends you back to childhood.


Cushion bar

Squares, rectangles, linen, cotton, velvet, plain, patterned... come and discover all the cushions at La Civette

Discover the online selection

Coussin épais en lin - Chambray Brique de Sienne
Thick linen cushion - Chambray Sienna Brick From 80 €
Coussin Kente tissé - Doré
Woven Kente Cushion - Gold 100 €
Coussin épais en lin - Uni Brique de Sienne
Thick linen cushion - Sienna Brick 80 €
Coussin Kente tissé - Gingembre
Woven Kente Cushion - Ginger 100 €

Dans de Beaux Draps


Bain Douche at Merci


A Cotton Garden Party at Merci


Merci x Piet Hein Eek


Merci x Téa Gelato


Merci x Allbirds


Merci x Samsung


Merci x Taion