Convertible 3-seater sofa

Mattress thickness of 14 cm for daily use

Convertible sofa

Convertible sofa, how and where to choose?

Welcome to the art of combining convenience with Parisian chic - the era of the convertible sofa in Paris is well underway. Opting for a convertible sofa offers you the flexibility of a comfortable living room during the day that transforms into a welcoming bed after dark.

Your choice of sofa should be guided by your living space, your practical needs and, of course, your love of timeless style. The key is to find a piece that brings balance and harmony to your living room, while subtly meeting the requirements of an additional sleeping area.

In the bustling streets of Paris, every square meter counts. That's where the sofa bed comes in. Compact yet elegant, it maximizes the space you have available without sacrificing comfort or design. A well-appointed living room with a convertible sofa can quickly turn into a cozy bedroom for surprise guests or a simple family movie night.

So how do you navigate this world of convertibles? How do you select the right one to enhance your home? Look no further! We're here to guide you through this enriching interior design experience.

Why opt for a sofa bed?

The city of love, Paris, is well known for its cultural finesse and cleverly optimized living spaces. In this context, the convertible sofa is a real space-saver. Ideal for cramped Parisian apartments or elegant studio apartments, this multifunctional piece of furniture brings two essential touches to your living room: comfort and character.

A conventional sofa gives you a relaxed space for your leisure time. But add convertible functionality, and a new dimension opens up before you - a practical sleeping solution without compromising aesthetics! Thanks to its ingenious mechanism, sending your guests to a hotel room becomes a thing of the past. It takes just seconds to transform your living room into a welcoming bedroom.

The choice of mattress plays a crucial role here. A good night's sleep can be just as satisfying on a convertible sofa as in a traditional bed. Some models even offer top-of-the-range mattresses for optimum comfort all year round.

Ultimately, choosing a convertible sofa means opting for flexibility and space-saving, while maintaining a charming aesthetic that echoes the romantic streets of Paris.

Where to find a sofa bed in Paris?

Paris, the city of a thousand facades, is home to a plethora of furniture and antique stores where you can find the sofa bed of your dreams. Whether you're looking for a corner sofa to optimize space, or simply a more traditional model that doubles as a comfortable bed, the diversity of styles and designs available on the Parisian market will meet your expectations.

For those who prefer a more modern approach, there's no need to venture outside the comfort of your living room to find the perfect sofa bed. Numerous websites offer a varied selection so you can choose your favorite model with ease. Many even offer virtual tours so you can see exactly how the piece of furniture will fit into your space.

If you're looking for timeless luxury and appreciate natural materials like soft cotton or the incomparable chic of linen, look no further than Merci. This Parisian concept store offers an exquisite range of convertible sofas combining contemporary style and premium quality.

Indeed, there are as many options available as there are Parisian individualities! Whatever the look you're after for your living room - classic chic or modern minimalism - there's a sofa or convertible armchair to suit everyone in this historic and iconic city.

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