The Merci Shop

111 bd Beaumarchais, 75003 Paris

The latest exhibition at Merci: Beyond Bali - A lush jungle filled with palm trees, exotic plants and small huts takes up quarters at Merci… Welcome to Indonesia.

From Monday to Friday de 11am to 7pm

Every Saturday from 11am to 7.30pm

& Sundays from12pm to 7pm

Merci will be open every Sundays in August (including the 15th)



The Canteen

The exhibition / Until August 22nd

Currently at Merci: Beyond Bali

A lush jungle filled with palm trees, exotic plants and small huts takes up quarters at Merci… Welcome to Indonesia. 

As soon as summer approaches, Merci begins envisioning the perfect summer, a reminder to take pleasure in the escape, and setting off to sunnier locations. Indonesia, this summer’s destination was an obvious choice for Merci, as it is a land of creativity and artisans, who master modern style as well as ancestral techniques.

Merci History

Why Merci?

A common thread embroiders the letters of Merci just as much as it weaves its history. The thinking that drives its teams today is the same as that which presided over its creation. Marie-France and Bernard Cohen wanted to create an extraordinary, living place that would offer something more than just another store.

This « extra »something would bring together fashion and homeware..

... along with restaurants, in which they would share their sensibilities, their perspective and their questions about the world. This « extra » something would also be a different approach to trade. A generous and sensitive approach. Thus, a new way of way of doing business emerged, a way that combined pleasure with responsibility. A way that, from the outset, integrated the principle of an endowment fund to contribute to the development of south-west Madagascar.

The approach also involved engaging with artisans, suppliers, farmers and creators and never giving in to the cult of the ‘numbered’ piece or the latest fashion. In March 2009, after a year of planning, aided by talented friends who had been involved in the adventure since the beginning, Merci was born in the Haut Marais district of Paris, its name chosen as a thank-you to its customers and contributors.

A unique place

A surprising concept in a surprising place.

Designed to be welcoming rather than intimidating, based around conviviality and pleasure, more than a store, Merci is a haven of warmth and life. It is a consciously chosen destination, a place to go for its unique atmosphere and the pleasurable experience it offers. A surprising concept in a surprising place..

Merci set up home in a 19th-century building formerly occupied by a firm making furnishing fabrics and wallpapers. Occupying the entire building, this unique store resembles a large house. Even the window displays are in fact filled by cafés.

Offering a sensitive and responsible art of living in keeping with the times, this is the raison d’être of the store at 111 boulevard Beaumarchais.