Exhibition from July 21 to August 22

Currently at Merci: Beyond Bali

A lush jungle filled with palm trees, exotic plants and small huts takes up quarters at Merci… Welcome to Indonesia.

As soon as summer approaches, Merci begins envisioning the perfect summer, a reminder to take pleasure in the escape, and setting off to sunnier locations. Indonesia, this summer’s destination was an obvious choice for Merci, as it is a land of creativity and artisans, who master modern style as well as ancestral techniques.

Beyond Bali

And so, Merci sets sail to Indonesia, while breaking away from stereotypes. As the island is much more than a postcard-worthy location

Merci’s team wanted to share all of the abundance, from its exceptional know-how to its unique atmosphere and artisans’ expertise. Guided by a desire to discover unique pieces, the store has gathered a curated selection of objects, clothing and furniture — bringing a touch of exoticism to one’s interior, as travel memories would.

Sculpted wooden tableware, trinket-looking jewelry, ceramics enhanced by local glazes, tote bags that can hold beach essentials, hand-woven lamps made from vegetal fibers… The pieces sourced by Merci honor local brands and Indonesian techniques, while taking inspiration from the island’s unique spirit.

An ode to craftsmanship

Cisco and the Sun’s ceramic tableware, handwoven pillows from Kim Soo’s mother-daughter duo

concrete objects designed by Conture Concrete Lab or woven baskets from Indo Risakti… Whether it is traditional or cutting-edge, the Indonesian craftsmanship is abundant, and results in an eclectic selection of objects and furniture.

From Indonesian brands to inspiring collaborations, Merci wanted to showcase a range of clothing and accessories that highlight local fabrics and expertise. Nataoka’s linen wardrobe, tie-dye pieces from Canaan, an Indonesian concept-store, airy and printed dresses designed by The Story Of, Marie Laure Chamorel’s refined jewelry… Merci also appointed designer Claris Virot to create jackets crafted from Timorese fabrics, a handwoven Indonesian tapestry fabric. These exclusive tote bags and jackets are available in colored and geometric prints, perfect for an Indian summer.