Terry cotton towels

Ultra légère avec une épaisseur de 600gr/m2

Terry cotton towels

Know everything about the Terry cotton towels

The Terry cotton towels is a must in every home. Used daily, it is an integral part of our toilet ritual and is part of our personal comfort. It is a safe value of household linen, offering softness and practicality.

Made primarily of cotton for its unique absorbent capacity and softness, the Terry cotton towels is characterized by its soft, fluffy caps that provide a pleasant feel to the touch while being functional. These allow water to be absorbed efficiently to dry skin quickly after a bath or shower.

There are several types and formats of Terry cotton towels to suit various needs: the bath sheet to wrap completely after showering, the small hand towel, or the washcloth used for body cleaning.

With its simple yet welcoming look, the Terry cotton towels also adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom. It can be used in hundreds of different colours to harmonize with your interior decoration or simply make your eyes happy.

In short, the Terry cotton towels combines functionality and aesthetics, all wrapped in a soft cocoon offered by highly absorbent cotton.

Making a Terry cotton towels

The design of the Terry cotton towels is a meticulous process that requires careful attention at each stage to ensure quality and unparalleled sweetness. It all starts with the choice of cotton, which must be of first quality to guarantee its absorbent capacity and silky touch. This precious material is then turned into yarn before being woven to give rise to this famous "loop" structure that characterizes sponge linen.

The actual manufacture of the towel begins with knitting the cotton yarn, thus forming a double fabric with loops on both sides. It is this double-sided buckle that gives the towel its exceptional absorption capacity. Once this fabric has been made, it will be cut in specific dimensions to match the different types of towels: bath sheet, towel, glove... Each part is then carefully rotated to ensure optimum durability for the finished product. Finally, towels can be dyed or printed in accordance with the design and colours chosen.

Each Terry cotton towels is made with conscience and know-how and is the result of careful work to provide highly functional household linen without sacrificing tactile and visual comfort.

Use of a Terry cotton towels

The Terry cotton towels is definitely a must for the bath linen. Its primary and best known function is to dry the body after a shower or bath. Thanks to its cotton design, it effectively absorbs moisture while providing incomparable softness to the touch, making this moment of everyday life particularly pleasant.

But the potential uses of the Terry cotton towels don't stop there. Due to its quality and softness, it can be used as a light blanket on hot summer days or as a mat for sunbathing at the beach or park. Similarly, in spas or wellness centres, it is often used as a comfortable medium during body care.

Finally, let's not forget its decorative role in our bathrooms: carefully arranged on a towel rack or simply placed on the edge of a vase, Terry cotton towels add a cosy and welcoming touch to our wellness space. So the Terry cotton towels is not just a functional accessory: it is also a comfortable ally for daily pleasure.

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