The Merci Medals

For the past 10 years, Merci comes with you in all the rooms of your home as well as in your outings. Far from being a simple selector of objects, Merci is a questioner of meaning. Merci casts a careful eye on ordinary daily life objects and tries, as best it can, to make it extra-ordinary, one day at a time. With this in mind, we are constantly striving to create selections filled with relevant choices for you to adopt objects that will make a difference in your daily life. Jewelry is an important part of our lives, whether it is symbolic or just used as an accessory. They can dress up and complete any outfit. Discover our selection of medals. Merci has chosen this jewelry for its versatility while maintaining its aesthetic appeal. Merci medals can be transformed as you wish: from a bracelet to a necklace or even from a charm for a handbag or phone to a lucky charm. The medal is hung on a string available in several colors: yellow, pink or blue for the summer but also black or blue for the winter, there are also strings in liberty fabrics. They can be engraved with "Merci" or simply engraved with a letter, perfect to wear the initial of someone dear to us. Finally, some medals are engraved " Dad " or " Mom " because Merci has thought of the little attentions that will always make you smile. The simple materials of this medal give it a sober and elegant look in all circumstances. This jewelry is a sure value since it is a timeless accessory and always remains as trendy over the years. Did you know? The delivery is free in all France. You can also pay your purchases in a very secure way via PayPal or HiPay. On our site, we constantly try to offer you a selection that is close to our heart. Discover more in our Parisian store located at 111 boulevard Beaumarchais. Keep up to date with all Merci news by subscribing to our newsletter and for any further information, contact our customer service. 

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