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Louche en boisLouche en bois

Wood ladle

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Assiette Nativia - MarronAssiette Nativia - Marron
Carafe - DatchaCarafe - Datcha


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For the past 10 years, Merci has followed you in your daily life as well as in your kitchen and even on your table. The art of home is at the heart of Merci to help you choose the details that will make the difference in the decoration of your home. Discover our range of plates, bowls, cutlery and glasses with our selection of tableware. Opt for the earthenware dinner plates illustrated by Italian designer Paola Navonne for Merci. The Bistrot plate for wine amateurs, the Oysters plate for those who love seafood or Eiffel Tower for Paris lovers. The Sabre bistro cutlery, available in three colors, matches these plates to recreate, as its name indicates, the service of a perfect little Parisian bistro. For a more minimalist look, use our Indigena clay oval dish to serve your guests. The clay used to make this dish comes from the banks of the Rio Magdalena, in Colombia. This dish is handmade, so each item is unique. The Goa salad cutlery with a stainless-steel blade and an ebony style resin handle, made in Portugal using a traditional technique, will be the perfect accompaniment to this minimalist and sober style. For a more exotic and Japanese look, discover our enameled stoneware salad bowl in green or blue Jasper. It is ideal for presentation as well as for food preparation. This salad bowl goes well with our stoneware cups n°9 and our bowls n°3 Merci of the same style. For lovers of color, earthenware and especially originality, the selection of Portuguese artist and ceramist Bela Silva will make your heart skip a beat. Her earthenware carafes and pitchers as well as her cutting board underline her cosmopolitan and eccentric style. Discover also our granite salt and pepper pots, round or square, with their two bamboo spoons, ideal for daily use. Did you know? The delivery is offered in all France. You can also pay your purchases in a very secure way via Paypal or HiPay. On our site, we constantly try to offer you a selection that is close to our heart. Discover more in our Parisian store located at 111 boulevard Beaumarchais. Keep yourself up to date with all the Merci news by subscribing to our newsletter and for any further information, contact our customer service. 

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