Washed linen curtains

The linen allows the light to pass through delicately

Curtains in washed linen

For a soothing and unique atmosphere, Merci now offers to transform the rooms of your home with its linen curtains washed. Ideal for giving an authentic and soft touch to your decor, the Merci washed linen curtains were the curtains you were missing. Fluid, durable, more or less blackout depending on the color you choose, the Merci washed linen curtains are the ideal touch to complete the decoration of your home. Adaptable to each room, the Merci linen curtains will go equally well in a bedroom as in a living room or a kitchen. The collection of curtains washed linen Merci is composed of 5 different colors, to find the shade that best suits your home. Find the Optic White, the Beige Rose, the Stone, the Petroleum Blue or the Brick Sienna, a complete color palette composed of soft colors and sober to go to any room. Merci washed linen curtains can also be used as a flat sheet. They hang with clips to allow you to adjust the length without sewing or hemming. Clip on rings are also available on our e-shop, to get the full look in one purchase. Merci washed linen curtains are sold individually and come in one size: 140 x 300 cm. Their length allows for a voluptuous and effortless fall.

The linen allows to filter the light with finesse…

Thanks to its lightness, linen allows the light to enter delicately into the room. You can also find our veils, for an even less opaque, or our curtains in cotton gauze, for a vaporous and airy finish.

A timeless crumpled effect...

The iconic crumpled effect of linen will sublimate the room in which you will have placed your curtain. Merci washed linen is certified OEKO-TEX and is grown in both France and Belgium. Your Merci washed linen curtains are all high quality and environmentally friendly.

Give a new life to your interiors...

Merci's mission is to find unique products whose primary quality is functionality. Merci's selections are made up of useful and indispensable everyday objects. In addition to linens, you will find decorative selections to go with your washed linen curtains. Vases, cushions, stools, baskets ... all the essentials needed to create an atmosphere that suits you. To form a pair of original curtains, do not hesitate to mix & match the weaves and materials: our matted linen veils and our cotton and linen veils are the perfect pieces to form a beautiful set of curtains and dress your home. Find all our selections of Art de Vivre, Furniture, Fashion and Linen on our eshop, merci-merci.com.

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