A story of imaginary families told by Merci & Mr. Slowboy

45 rue Oberkampf, Paris 11th - Sunday, November 6, 2022, 9am

Imaginary Family N°01

Any resemblance to existing characters is purely coincidental.

Claudia stretches, her slightly crumpled Merci sheets made of soft cotton gauze, a subtle mixture of Batignolles Yellow, Marais Blue and Gris Fusain, testify to the nocturnal excitement… Baby N°2 doesn't sleep through the night yet.

Claudia munches on a piece of croissant while her Açaï bowl sits patiently in the fridge.
She postpones, as she does every a.m., her morning meditation session and puts on an embroidered vintage blouse she found last week at Merci.

Gaspard plays the first notes of Imagine on the guitar, which he learned at his Montessori Quadrilingual school.

Mathieu flips through the latest issue of Les Inrocks before sitting down with his son to read Simone de Beauvoir from the Petite et Grande collection. He dreams of a better world!

Mathieu discovered a sudden passion for Lumios at Merci.
He even chatted and sympathized with Sofiane, the store manager, on the same subject.
It is rumored that he bragged in a nearby café, l'Étincelle, that he even had Sofians personal mobile number!

The imaginary family N°01 appreciates these moments of family bliss in the softness of their certified OEKO-TEX® Merci bed.

Cotton gauze

Provides unparalleled comfort and smoothness

Housse de couette en gaze de coton - Jaune Batignolles
Cotton gauze duvet cover - Jaune Batignolles From 85 €
Taie d'oreiller en gaze de coton - Gris Fusain
Cotton gauze pillowcase - Gris Fusain 25 €
Drap plat en gaze de coton - Gris de Paris
Cotton gauze flat sheet - Gris de Paris 90 €
Taie d'oreiller en gaze de coton - Bleu Marais
Cotton gauze pillowcase - Bleu Marais 25 €
The Imaginary Family N°01

The interview

Your first time at Merci:

- Claudia: I discovered this unique place as part of my job as a fashion press agent. I'm even client N°55 on their Instagram account ;) When I moved with Mathieu to the neighborhood, Merci became our second home. It is under the dome of the store that Gaspard made his first steps!

- Mathieu
: Merci is a bit like our second family. I drink my roasted coffee at Tommaso's every morning from where I often work. Being a freelance graphic designer, I have the privilege to spend a lot of time there! On weekends I can show Claudia my newly discovered treasures. If I haven't hooked her on my passion for Lumios, she has been falling for their selection of ceramic tableware!

If you had to define Merci in a few words:

- Claudia & Mathieu: Just like home!

Claudia's & Mathieu's Merci selection
Lumio - Blanc et bois
Lumio Lamp - White and wood 260 €
Bout de canapé Zig Zag - Beige
Zig Zag end of sofa - Beige 325 €
Suspension Koushi - Blanc
Koushi suspension - White From 250 €
Cafetière filtre Moccamaster - KBG Alu Brossé
Coffee filter maker Moccamaster - KBG Select Brushed Aluminum 245 €

Imaginary family N°02

The atmosphere of the Boulevard Raspail is soft, soothed by the last sunrays of November, which illuminate Andrew’s and Elie's room.
Their percale cotton bed set in Charcoal Gray, a reflection of Merci… matches the wallpaper, selected after much bickering between the two lovers.

They are especially proud of their bedding, as they benefited from a 30% discount on cotton percale during the Merci Days!

Elie looks good even when he wakes up, in his bathrobe, bought on rue de la paix in this great Maison that also makes his shirts.
His haughty head and his voice intonations give him a distinguished air.
Even the worst swear words are charming through his pinched lips!

As for Andrew, he has been reading for a few hours already, as usual, on his favorite chair found in a second-hand shop.
As a Correspondent for this legendary Northwestern US daily newspaper, he has an endless sense of curiosity.

For Andrew, living in Paris is a feast, a pure delight that he enjoys.
He knows “Tuut Paeris”. He has his daily lunch and dinner in a new "resto à lé modé" as he likes to say, with his accent that he is so fond of and that he doesn't want to get rid of.
He planned a brunch on Sunday with Elie, at FLOR, the only "decent Mexican restaurant in Paris" according to them... of course.

Moreover our couple goes religiously every Sunday to Merci, when they are in "Paeris, rivee dwoite".

Any resemblance to existing characters is purely coincidental.

Merci bed linen

Fabrics certified OEKO-TEX®

Housse de couette en lin lavé - Bleu Encre
Washed linen duvet cover - Ink Blue From 175 €
Coussin rayé - Moutarde
Striped cushion - Mustard 72 €
Taie d'oreiller en lin lavé - Bleu Encre
Washed linen pillowcase - Ink Blue From 23 €
Drap plat en lin lavé - Gris Raku
Flat washed linen sheet - Raku Grey From 135 €
Imaginary family N°02

The interview

Your first time at Merci :

- Elie:My shopping habits were very much on the left bank until I met Andrew, which coincided with Merci.
He took me to the Used Book Café for our first lunch.
Our story was born in this magical place filled with books.

- Andrew: Merci is very famous in the US! Americans love the place but also the wide ranged selection. So it was only natural that I made a habit of going there as soon as I moved to Paris.

If you had to define Merci in a few words :

- Elie & Andrew:
In the mood for love!

Andrew's & Elie's Merci selection
Carafe Bilboquet transparente - Ambre
Transparent Bilboquet jug - Amber 172 €
Lampe à poser - Invider - Gris
Table lamp - Invider - Grey From 240 €
Coussin Brenda
Brenda Cushion 115 €
Suspension en porcelaine émaillée Cornette
Cornette enamelled porcelain suspension - H25 cm 250 €
merci presents

Fei Wang aka Mr. Slowboy

Born in Beijing in 1980, Fei Wang, aka Mr. Slowboy, is a London-based illustrator. His deliberately retro male portraits offer an antidote to the world of "fast fashion".

He regularly collaborates with internationally renowned brands such as Alfred Dunhill, Barbour, Baracuta, Fortnum & Mason, Drake's, Sebago, Paul Stuart, Lock & Co Hatters, Fox Brothers, The Armoury, Hackett, Ring Jacket as well as for press titles such as Rake, King, Esquire UK, Monsieur, Men's Precious, POPEYE etc.

His first book published in December 2021: Mr. Slowboy: Portraits of the Modern Gentleman, is available worldwide.