Eau de Cologne - Amber

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The maison Jean d'Aigle was founded in 1945, and its colognes have been created for over 70 years using the same process all the while respecting traditions. The birth of a fragrance is the result of a know-how combined with the key gestures of those who make it: powerful essences are assembled to conceive the ideal fragrance, made of strong and timeless notes.


  • MINT [MENTHA PIPERATA]: Perennial herb from southern Europe. Its leaves are harvested before flowering and in autumn. Strong, warm, peppery scent, becoming fresh.
  • ORANGE [CITRUS SINENSIS]: Fruit of the orange tree, native to China. An ancient, rare product eaten at Christmas time. Fresh, tangy, sweet fragrance.
  • CEDAR [CEDRUS JUNIPERUS]: Coniferous tree also known as red cedar, found in North America and France. Dry, green, resinous scent.
  • AMBER [AMBRE GRIS]: Liquid substance secreted by sperm whales, transformed over time into odorous blocks by the action of sun and sea salt. Musky, powerful, animalic scent.
  • Main notes: Mint - Orange - Cedar - Amber
  • Capacity: 250 ml
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