Merci washed linen

For over 10 years, Merci's washed linen has adorned your daily life, with its beautiful natural and colorful creases that we are so sensitive to. The attention to quality and finishes by our teams has not changed since the beginning of our home linen collection. Washed linen represents the essence of Merci's identity. With its beautiful natural and colorful creases, it has won the hearts of many home linen enthusiasts. The quality and meticulous finishes are fundamental values for the Merci team, which have remained unchanged since the inception of our collections.

What is washed linen?

Washed linen, with its beautiful natural and colorful creases, has won the hearts of many home linen enthusiasts. Washed linen is a natural material with a delicate touch. The linen fibers are cultivated in France, ensuring their origin and quality. Additionally, the linen used for our home linen is OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified, which testifies to its adherence to ecological standards and safety in use. Linen is particularly durable, making it an ideal material for your bed linen: your sets will last over time and accompany you through many memorable nights of sleep. Washed linen fibers can withstand numerous washes without losing their quality or original appearance. Moreover, washed linen becomes even softer and more supple over time, ensuring increased longevity for your bed linen. Washed linen is also known for its exceptional comfort and thermoregulatory properties. In fact, washed linen bed linen is ideal for providing a refreshing sensation during summer and warmth during chilly winter nights. This ability to regulate body heat ensures peaceful and comfortable sleep throughout the year. After a special washing process, linen fibers become delicate and soft to the touch, offering a comforting and enveloping sensation on the skin. Unlike other fabrics, washed linen does not require a breaking-in period to reach its optimal level of comfort. From the first use, you can enjoy its pleasant and soothing texture. In addition to its durability and adaptability to all temperatures, washed linen is highly absorbent. It can efficiently absorb moisture, providing a refreshing and comfortable feeling. This absorbent property also contributes to the breathability of washed linen home linen, avoiding the suffocating sensation often associated with other materials. Finally, washed linen bed linen is appreciated for its timeless aesthetic. Its natural and slightly creased appearance exudes rustic and elegant charm. Washed linen bed linen adapts to all styles of decor, adding a touch of sophistication and simplicity to your resting space. Opting for washed linen bed linen offers your bedroom a luxurious and soothing atmosphere, conducive to restful nights.

How to care for washed linen?

Caring for washed linen is simple and requires little effort to preserve its softness and comfort. Washed linen has already undergone a special washing process, which means it is pre-shrunk and softer. It becomes even softer and more supple with each wash. Here are some valuable tips to ensure its suppleness over time:

  • For washing, it is recommended to wash it at a temperature of 40°C. You can use a mild detergent and avoid products containing bleaching agents or harsh softeners, as they could alter the quality of washed linen
  • To preserve the beauty of your washed linen home linen, it is advisable to wash it separately during the first wash to avoid any risk of discoloration due to other textiles
  • Washed linen dries best in the open air. You can hang it on a clothesline or drying rack, avoiding direct exposure to intense sunlight to prevent fading. If you prefer to use a dryer, select a moderate temperature and remove the linen when it is still slightly damp to avoid excessive drying
  • When ironing your washed linen, it is recommended to do so when the fabric is still damp or slightly damp. This will facilitate ironing and help maintain the soft and natural texture of washed linen. To avoid marks, iron it inside out or place a damp cloth (pressing cloth) between the iron and the linen
  • Avoid folding the linen in the same places all the time; alternate the folds and store it in a way that allows it to breathe and prevent permanent creases

What colors for your washed linen?

Merci's washed linen stands out with its diverse color palette, designed to bring elegance and style to your interior. Whether you prefer soothing neutral tones, delicate pastels, or bolder shades, each color has the power to create a unique ambiance in your space. Neutral tones are timeless choices that bring a sense of calm and serenity to your space. You can pair them with natural materials such as wood, rattan, or bamboo to create a warm and organic atmosphere. Subtle accents of neutral colors can be added with pillows, throws, or rugs for an extra touch of sophistication. Soft pastel shades are ideal for creating a romantic and soothing ambiance. You can pair them with furniture and accessories with clean lines for a fresh and contemporary look. Add touches of white to accentuate the lightness and softness of pastel colors. If you want to add a touch of intensity, opt for deeper shades. These rich colors add a heightened and sophisticated dimension to your space. To balance the visual impact, you can pair them with lighter colors or neutral tones to create subtle contrast. Feel free to mix and match the different colors of Merci's washed linen home linen to create a dynamic visual effect. Dare to even mix and match different materials for bed linen. Play with complementary color combinations to add personality to your interior. Merci's washed linen home linen offers a variety of inspiring colors to create a unique atmosphere: you can create an elegant and personalized space that can be infinitely changed.

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