Organic and natural cosmetics of quality, pleasant to use and respectful of the environment


Umaï, innovative cosmetic care

Far from the hustle and bustle of Paris, one brand stands out in the competitive world of cosmetics: Umaï. A pioneer in its field, Umaï offers a wide range of high-quality hair and skin care products. A brilliant blend of innovation and effectiveness, these products are revolutionizing the wellness market.

Umaï's philosophy is based on the idea that each individual deserves care tailored to his or her specific needs. As a result, all the formulas we use are meticulously crafted to meet the needs of each individual. More than just a beauty routine, Umaï is a true sensory experience.

What sets this brand apart even more is its unwavering commitment to natural products. Say goodbye to parabens and other harmful chemicals! Here, the focus is on the authenticity and purity of natural ingredients carefully chosen for their potency and gentleness.

But make no mistake - despite their natural origin, all Umaï skincare products benefit from the latest scientific advances in cosmetics. The result? Cutting-edge skincare products that protect not only your health, but also that of our planet. So if you're looking for a brand that's true to its values, focused on respect for people and the environment, while offering an optimal level of effectiveness... Look no further than Umaï.

Umaï, a committed brand

In the lush landscape of cosmetics brands, Umaï shines with its authentic commitment and clear promise: to offer quality products that respect both your skin and nature. A commitment deeply rooted in their DNA, transparent and uncompromising.

The Umaï brand stands out not only for the undeniable superiority of its formulations, but also for the meticulous attention it pays to every detail. From the ethical origin of their ingredients to the environmental awareness that guides their production methods - everything reflects their desire to offer their customers a truly healthy and satisfying beauty experience.

But that's not all. Umaï is visionary enough to understand that a brand's true impact cannot be measured by its products alone. That's why they place such importance on creating a lasting bond with their customers and demonstrating a responsible social commitment. So, when you choose Umaï, you're opting for much more than a high-end skincare range - you're embracing a philosophy of life where well-being goes hand in hand with respect for the world around us.

With Umaï, you gain access to a world where transparency, integrity and commitment are an integral part of the cosmetics adventure.

Cosmetics for skin and hair care

In its constant quest for excellence, Umaï offers a diverse range of natural cosmetics to pamper your hair and skin. To remedy the most common hair problems, Umaï's hair care range includes shampoos, conditioners and specific treatments. Enriched with nourishing ingredients such as aloe vera, jojoba and shea butter, these products bring dull, lifeless hair back to life.

For your skin too, Umaï has designed a judicious selection of products to meet every need: moisturizing, anti-aging, shine... Whether you're looking for a product to purify your complexion or add an extra dose of hydration to your daily beauty routine - Umaï has exactly what you need.

True to its original promise to use only skin- and scalp-friendly natural ingredients, each product is meticulously designed to deliver an exceptional sensory experience while effectively addressing your skin or hair concerns.

Innovative formulas combined with elegant design make Umaï a true champion in the field of high-end naturalistic skincare. A must-have brand for all those who aspire to pamper themselves in style while respecting their health and that of our precious planet.

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