FLOR Cantina

FLOR Cantina

FLOR Cantina

Wednesday to Sunday
from 11:30am to 5pm non stop
no reservations

At Merci's ground floor, 111 Bd Beaumarchais, Paris 3

Flor cantina | Mexican-Parisian bistrot

On the menu, an innovative cuisine inspired by the classics, far from the Mexican clichés. Vibrant dishes, local and seasonal French products.

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At Merci's ground floor

"not just tacos"

Our chef Robert Mendoza

Robert Mendoza, who has worked in some of the best American restaurants and at Verjus in Paris, has been chef of Le Saint-Sébastien and Vivant 2.
Mendoza is about to open his first Mexican bistro: FLOR, in collaboration with the social studio
He will honor his Mexican culinary heritage with a contemporary eye, with striking dishes that reflect the flavors of his
childhood, using a palette of local and seasonal French products at his disposal.
It is in an intimate atmosphere that he will introduce an innovative cuisine inspired by classics far from the Mexican clichés,
which is not without reminding the new culinary scene of Mexico City (Molino Pujol, Rosetta etc ...)

Cuillère à café Bistrot - Teck
Bistrot coffee spoon - Teck 13,50 €
Serviette de table en lin lavé - Blanc Optique
Washed linen table napkin - Optical White 13 €
Tablier en lin lavé - Blanc Optique
Washed linen apron - Optical White 60 €
Presse tortilla - Orange
Tortilla maker - Orange 45 €

Handmade tortillas every morning!

and available to take away