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Our Merci linen interpreted by Thomas Jackson

Merci desired to take its home linen out of its regular context and environment. Mesmerized by Thomas Jackson's work, our teams invited the artist to interpret our iconic bed linens in his very own way. It was love at first sight. The American artist and photographer takes on the challenge by featuring Merci's two iconic materials: linen and cotton gauze.

Thomas Jackson made a name for himself thanks to his photographs that meld landscapes, sculptures and kinetic art. The artist is thus used to staging installations on California and New York beaches, where tulle veils, hula-hoops and other daily life objects float around in the air and merge with the landscapes in a both beautiful and unexpected way. Among the Pacific and the Atlantic coasts, the wind plays an essential role in his creations: this erratic and potentially exciting partner becomes the key element in his aerial paintings.

washed linen and cotton gauze bedding

Fabric Inspiration - Sunset

Drap plat en gaze de coton - Jaune Batignolles
Cotton gauze flat sheet - Jaune Batignolles 115 €

Thomas Jackson's eye reveals the fantastic and the surreal

For Merci, he takes shots of sunset filled beach sceneries featuring swirling mists of pink, blue, yellow and green... The colorful linen and cotton gauze bed linens are floating in zero gravity, as if they were about to flee to new destinations.

My collaboration with Merci could not have come at a better moment. After years of exploring the sculptural potential of synthetic materials, I was ready to take my practice in a more sustainable direction, and Merci’s beautiful linens and gauzes presented the perfect starting point. It’s hard to imagine a cooler, more innovative and inspiring brand to collaborate with than Merci, and I’m grateful to the creative team there for giving me the opportunity to do so. The final results are more than satisfying. Animated by those strong Atlantic breezes, the fabrics took on a life of their own, becoming kinetic sculptures that transformed from one moment to the next. And in the soft, evening light, their colors mimicked and merged with the surrounding hues in the sky, sand and sea.

Thomas Jackson

washed linen and cotton gauze bedding

Fabric Inspiration - Sunrise

Taie d'oreiller en gaze de coton - Rose de Bagatelle
Cotton gauze pillowcase - Rose de Bagatelle 31 €
Housse de couette en lin lavé - Pierre
Washed linen duvet cover - Stone From 175 €

I create and photographs site-responsive installations in natural settings.

My “Emergent Behavior” series (2011-2018) is inspired by locust swarms, starling murmurations and other self-organizing systems found in nature. Made from manufactured items like cups, plates and post-it notes, each installation is an experiment in juxtaposition, an attempt to create something that is simultaneously in harmony and in conflict with its environment. Shot on 4x5 film and printed with little to no digital manipulation, the images press the viewer not only to contemplate our dysfunctional relationship with nature, but also to envision a future in which natural and human-made systems are sustainably intertwined.

Since 2019, I’ve taken my practice in a more generative direction, creating works that not only interact with nature, but enlist it as a collaborator. This new work began as a response to my experiences living through the Northern California wildfires of 2018-20. The idea was to make sculptural representations of fire from tulle, the lightweight, mesh fabric commonly used for wedding veils, dresses and tutus. Much like real wildfires, my tulle installations would be animated by strong winds, transformed from inert materials into colorful bursts of flame and smoke in the landscape. The resulting pieces have transcended the original idea, however, becoming visualizations not only of fire, but of the wind itself, and by extension, nature’s inexhaustible creativity."

A self-taught artist, Jackson has created a unique process that merges landscape photography, sculpture and kinetic art.

Thomas Jackson was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and grew up in Providence, Rhode Island. After earning a B.A. in History from the College of Wooster, he spent his early career in New York City working first in book publishing, then as an editor and writer in magazine publishing. An interest in photography books eventually led him to pick up a camera, shooting Garry Winogrand-inspired street scenes, then landscapes, and finally the installation work he does today. A self-taught artist, Jackson has created a unique process that merges landscape photography, sculpture and kinetic art. His work has been shown widely, including at The Photography Show (AIPAD) in New York, the Center for Contemporary Arts in Sante Fe and the Bolinas Museum in Bolinas, CA. Jackson was named one of the Critical Mass Top 50 in 2012, won the “installation/still-life” category of PDN’s The Curator award in 2013 and earned second place in CENTER's Curator's Choice Award in 2014.

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