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The pendulum is a great tool to work on your intuition and learn to trust yourself. It uses our energy to help us listen to our feelings and find answers to our questions.

  • This pendulum in Eye of tiger will develop the inner strength and the courage


  • After purifying your pendulum, begin to familiarize yourself with its energies
  • Holding it in your writing hand, ask your question and position it over the board so that it can tell you its answer
  • Please keep your questions personal, formulated in the present tense and without negation. Practice and training will increase the accuracy of your answers. Trust yourself.

Zoom on the kit:

  • Composition of the kit: pendulum, board and user guide
  • How to use your kit ? True allies of everyday life, the stones can be used as long as you feel the need. You can take them with you when you travel.
  • Taking care of your pendulum: The stones need to be cleaned and recharged regularly. Run your pendulum under running water for a few moments to clean them and then dry them in the sunlight to recharge them. For daily use of the kit, repeat the process weekly and before each use.

Additional information:  

  • The kits can be used at the same time.
  • The use of the stones can bring nothing negative HOWEVER they should not replace a consultation or medical treatment. They are to be seen as tools, as allies.
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