Coldbreaker brilliantly mixes a certain authenticity/rusticity and at the same time more modern designs.


Coldbreaker, a know-how made in Dublin

Enter the exquisite world of Coldbreaker, where the charm of traditional crafts meets contemporary fashion. Originally from Dublin, the brand is renowned for its unique expertise in the manufacture of high quality footwear and accessories.

Coldbreaker is not just a brand; it is a celebration of ancient techniques combined with modern inspiration. Each product highlights the dedication and attention to detail that distinguishes Irish craftspeople from the rest of the world.

The secret behind Coldbreaker's world-renowned reputation lies not only in its elegant design, but also in the material used: Irish wool. This exceptional quality wool is used to shape not only comfortable footwear that keeps your feet warm even in freezing weather, but also a range of accessories that combine functionality and style.

Choosing Coldbreaker is choosing excellence in materials, design and, above all, cultural heritage. With every pair of shoes you put on or every accessory you wear, you help preserve a centuries-old art that extends beyond physical boundaries to conquer international podiums. Welcome to Coldbreaker – where urban chic meets craftsmanship.

Coldbreaker to fight the cold

Winter is a rough season, especially in parts of the world where temperatures fall well below zero. This is where Coldbreaker comes in, making this dreaded season not only bearable but also enjoyable. The Coldbreaker brand was created with the fundamental idea of combining comfort and elegance for optimal protection against the cold.

Each Coldbreaker product is carefully designed to echo this philosophy. Whether it's sturdy shoes or cocoon accessories, each item bears the distinctive signature of Irish wool – a material renowned for its exceptional insulating capacity and its incomparable soft touch. Moreover, Coldbreaker is not just about keeping you warm: we understand that you want to stay stylish even during the toughest winter months.

When your wardrobe is equipped with Coldbreaker items, it becomes much more than just a collection of clothing: it becomes your armour in the face of the freezing cold. With our wrapping shoes and soft accessories made from Irish wool, the fight against the cold has never been more chic. Explore our collection and discover how Coldbreaker transforms your cold winters into warm, stylish moments.

Coldbreaker, Irish wool parts

Irish wool is not just an ordinary material. It is the hallmark of what is naturally beautiful, comfortable and of superior quality. Coldbreaker maintains its reputation for the exclusive choice of this wool in the manufacture of its products. The luxurious softness of Irish wool adds a dimension of elegance to our shoes and accessories while guaranteeing an optimum level of warmth.

Resilient to cold weather, Irish wool has a remarkable insulating capacity. The fibers are dense and tight, preserving your body heat while removing moisture away from the body for superior comfort in cold weather. In addition, its soft touch texture provides a cocooning sensation for every use.

With Coldbreaker, you never sacrifice comfort for style or vice versa. Our creations combine the best of both worlds: the timeless charm of Irish wool with modern designs that turn heads. And by these freezing temperatures, why not add an ultra-chic touch to your outfit while wrapping yourself in our cozy luxury? Explore our varied range and feel for yourself the true comfort that Irish wool can offer.

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