Rains collections combine a design and functional approach with strong urban inspiration and iconic fabric.

Rains - Veste Longue W3 - Beige clair DuneRains - Veste Longue W3 - Beige clair Dune
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Rains Paris

Rains Paris, a brand of urban inspiration

At the heart of Parisian effervescence lies a brand that has established itself as a true symbol of excellence and innovation - Rains Paris. Setting the bar high in the lifestyle arena, it consistently defies convention with incredible savoir-faire. Rains Paris remains unrivalled in terms of quality, demonstrating uncompromising craftsmanship to create garments that are both aesthetically pleasing and durable. Today, it is considered a benchmark for urban creations that combine sophistication and functionality. The bustling metropolis of Paris plays an essential role in Rains' identity, influencing each collection with its frenetic pace and cultural dynamism. The result? Distinctive garments that truly reflect the spirit of this magnificent city, offering each piece a unique touch that transcends the garment's ordinary status to become a true way of life. Sleek designs, a keen sense of detail and top-quality fabrics are the pillars on which the undeniable success of Rains Paris rests. Its unwavering promise is simple: to provide clothing that suits your active lifestyle while never compromising on quality.

A responsible brand that cares about the environment

More than just a clothing brand, Rains Paris is a true example of ethical enterprise. Its products are designed with a deep environmental conscience, which is a central aspect of its corporate philosophy. Ecological commitment and creative excellence come together perfectly in every one of the brand's innovations. One of Rains' highlights is undoubtedly its iconic raincoat. A modern reinterpretation of the traditional waterproof coat, it demonstrates the extreme care Rains takes at every stage of the production process. The materials used are carefully selected for their minimal impact on the environment, while guaranteeing superior quality and exceptional durability. That's what Rains is all about: offering our customers the best possible garments, while adopting practices that respect our planet.

Quality clothing with neo-Scandinavian style

Rains Paris, in its constant desire to innovate, doesn't just create ordinary clothes. His brand is a blend of bold neo-Scandinavian style and traditional Breton craftsmanship. Rains travel bags, for example, are the perfect reflection of this unique stylistic fusion: with their sleek, functional Scandinavian design, they are as robust and reliable as Breton craftsmanship.
The same goes for our rainwear, a tribute to Brittany's often capricious weather conditions. Designed to withstand all the elements while offering unrivalled comfort, these pieces are the perfect embodiment of the successful marriage between the high aesthetics of Scandinavian design and the rigor of Breton craftsmanship. Rains Paris once again demonstrates its ability to redefine timeless classics with a contemporary approach.

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