Flat sheets

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Flat sheets

As usual, Merci invites itself to your home and sublimates your interiors with a selection of linens that are always more qualitative and pleasant to look at as well as to use. This time, it is in your bedroom that Merci invites itself. 

A must-have bed linen item in your collection: the flat sheet…

Available in three different materials: cotton percale, cotton gauze, and the emblematic pure washed linen. A vast range of colors, overflowing with choice, whether you are looking for bed linen for summer or winter, you will find more summery colors as well as timeless colors, which blend perfectly with any type of decoration and with which you just can't go wrong. The Merci flat sheet is an essential part of your bedding set: to be placed under the duvet and over your fitted sheet, it will be ideal to complete the overall look of your bedroom. Flat sheets are even more useful in the summer, when hot nights make duvets impossible to bear and a simple sheet is enough to sleep comfortably, without being too hot or too cold. Ideal to sleep with the window open and let the fresh night breeze caress the end of your bed without feeling chilly. Discover our entire selection of flat sheets, among which you will find colors such as white, blue or even cooler shades, such as taupe and light gray.

Merci colors, to sublimate your bedroom…

If your set is made of lighters colors, you can choose to complement it with a more colorful, brighter, or darker flat sheet to give your bedding a modern and original touch. If you're a fan of plain linens, let yourself be tempted by our limited editions: pajama stripes, checks, milleraies, fine lines and patterns worked to give a new feeling of shine to your bedroom, something to never get tired of. Merci flat sheets are perfect to sublimate the decoration of your bedroom while bringing an elegant and neat touch, the visual result can only satisfy you. As for the choice of materials, we recommend cotton percale for its softness, cotton gauze for its vaporous touch and linen for its exceptionally renowned crumpled look. Flat sheets should always be larger than the dimensions of your bed, in order to be able to tuck the bed in properly if you want that clean and square look. Merci also offers other bedding pieces to go with your flat sheet: fitted sheets, XL pillows, pillowcases and duvet covers. The Merci online store offers all the essentials to make your bedroom look good and this in a simple way, while getting your creative spirit flowing: imagine your own set, you don't have to follow the rules and match the colors together. Instead, go for a bold combination that you or your guests would never have thought of! Warm colors will blend perfectly with cooler colors, prints will have an impactful final touch on your bedroom and will elevate your plain colored sheets.

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