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OEKO-TEX certified linen, cultivated in France

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Washed linen

Lin washed, the advantages of this material

Discover washed linen, a material that combines sweetness and quality. The washed linen is produced by intensive washing and is distinguished by its unique appearance and exceptional strength. This natural fibre is valued for its authenticity and ease of maintenance.

The washed linen shows that refinement is not synonymous with complexity. Praise for simplicity and comfort, this is an ideal choice for those who wish to bring a touch of casual elegance to their interior or wardrobe.

With its impressive hypoallergenic and thermoregulatory virtues, this healthy fabric has convinced lovers of beautiful materials around the world. Wash linen is recognized for its ability to stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

Durable and timeless, items made of washed linen pass through the seasons without taking a wrinkle. They offer not only an incomparable touch, but also a patina that embellishes with the wash.

Choosing washed linen means trusting a prestigious natural material that is a true ally of daily well-being. Its authentic texture, informal chic look and unmistakable charm make washed linen an indispensable part of the high-end textile.

The manufacture of washed linen

The process of manufacturing washed linen is thorough and requires excellent control. The essence of washed linen lies in its unique transformation, which gives it a unique appearance. After harvesting, the linen yarn is woven and then washed intensively. These crucial steps provide a softer, more flexible and perfectly hypoallergenic substance: the precious washed linen

The successive washings carried out in strict compliance with environmental standards are the assurance of a seamless quality. To further enhance the softness of the fabric, eco-friendly softeners are used during this design phase. This exceptional treatment is not just tender to a deliciously comfortable touch, it also helps to enhance the natural shades of linen and gives this slightly wrinkled appearance so characteristic of washed linen.

The final production is therefore a high quality material whose properties remain intact despite years and continuous use. Washed linen perfectly illustrates how tradition and innovation can combine to create an exceptionally durable and resolutely modern product.

Use of washed linen

Wash linen has its place in many areas, thanks to its flexibility and many virtues. It's a subject that invites itself elegantly to fashion as well as to the world of the house. Bed linen, tablecloths, table towels, curtains or clothes... the uses of washed linen are countless.

For example, in the manufacture of household linen, this natural fabric is highly sought after for its exceptional properties. The unique touch and strength of washed linen make it an ideal ally for bed linen. It not only offers unparalleled comfort to your bedroom, but also brings a touch of elegance and modernity to your interior.
Its easy maintenance makes it also popular for table linen. Whether for daily meals or special occasions, washed linen will dress your table with refinement and character.

Put on washed linen and be seduced by this multi-faceted durable material that will never cease to be amazed by its versatility.

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