Workwear creations imagined by the founder of OrSlow, Ichiro Nakatsu

OrSlow - Chapeau Original Check Merto - MulticoloreOrSlow - Chapeau Original Check Merto - Multicolore
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OrSlow - Chemise Chambray Work - Bleu clairOrSlow - Chemise Chambray Work - Bleu clair
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OrSlow - Chemise SS Chambray Work - Bleu clairOrSlow - Chemise SS Chambray Work - Bleu clair
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OrSlow - Pantalon Relax Fit Duck Painter - MarronOrSlow - Pantalon Relax Fit Duck Painter - Marron
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OrSlow - T-shirt 4 Tone Pocket - Vert clairOrSlow - T-shirt 4 Tone Pocket - Vert clair
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OrSlow - Pantalon French Work Pant - EcruOrSlow - Pantalon French Work Pant - Ecru
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OrSlow - T-shirt 4 Tone Pocket - VertOrSlow - T-shirt 4 Tone Pocket - Vert
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Orslow, a high-end Japanese brand

Let's discover Orslow, a jewel in the demanding world of denim. This high-end Japanese brand was founded in 2005 by Ichiro Nakatsu, an enthusiast for vintage and old-fashioned denim. The name "Orslow" was born of a subtle criticism of the contemporary trend towards fast fashion. It combines the words "or" (original) and "slow", reminding us of the brand's commitment to focus on original design and careful manufacturing rather than the frenetic pace of ephemeral trends.

Nakatsu has drawn inspiration from an impressive personal collection of vintage jeans to create its own innovative designs, which are meticulously crafted for its discerning audience with a consummate eye for detail and unrivalled quality. Invariably, each piece reflects a fit-centric approach - comfort and aesthetics harmonized in a perfected fusion.

Rooted in American aesthetics, notably that of the classic New Yorker - an undeniably chic blend of casual formality - Orslow redefines this iconic style with its own avant-garde interpretation while respecting Japanese artisanal tradition.
More than just a brand, Orslow embodies a clothing philosophy: one that unites exceptional quality, meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to a slower but more meaningful way of life.

Orslow, military-inspired pieces

One of Orslow's most distinctive features is the undeniable military inspiration that imbues their collection with that rugged yet refined look. At the heart of their line is an exceptional range of footwear specially designed for versatile use, from running and cross-country to hiking and everyday walking. These pieces of clothing have brilliantly transposed the durable and functional aesthetics of military clothing into the world of high-end fashion.
Innovation is a key word at Orslow. Each creation is the product of a meticulous process aimed at pushing the boundaries of conventional style while guaranteeing unparalleled comfort in every fiber. Using only authentic Japanese fabrics that are carefully washed to achieve perfect softness, Orslow products evoke a nostalgic feeling dear to the designer, while respectfully saluting the future through their constant innovation. This unique fusion of past and future influences gives rise to an unprecedented contemporary design that promises not only comfort and durability, but also an intrinsically sophisticated stylistic touch.

A cross between Japanese craftsmanship and workwear style

Orslow has captured the attention of the fashion world with its fascinating fusion of Japanese craftsmanship and American workwear styling heritage. Based on the distinctive aesthetics of iconic brands such as Levi's and J.C. Penney, Orslow has deftly transcribed these influences into their minimalist approach to denim.
Orslow's fatigue pants are a perfect example of their nuanced approach in this regard. This model is boldly contemporary while retaining a vintage essence - a signature Orslow characteristic. Made from premium "Made in Japan" fabrics, these cargo pants feature neat details that add a distinctive touch to any outfit, reflecting the subtle balance between functionality and form that the brand constantly strives to achieve.

Similarly, references to American military apparel don't stop with footwear. Designs inspired by the "US army jungle", further accentuate this ode to the military past, with pieces rich in history but designed for modern life. In the end, Orslow succeeds in creating a harmonious balance between cultural heritage and contemporary innovation - an effort that consolidates its status as a must-have in the high-end world of denim.

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