Washed linen curtain - Pink Beige

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  • 100 % washed linen with a subtil and naturally wrinkled texture
  • The linen allows the light to pass through delicately
  • The curtain can be hung up with clips
  • Ideal to adjust the length without any stitching
  • Curtain rings are sold separately here
type: rideau
vendor: 200-lintex
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100% pure washed linen. Cultivated in France and Belgium
Merci Paris
The Merci linen

For more than 10 years now, Mercis washed linen have been a staple item in our everyday life.

This time, it is the curtains that Merci shows in a various range of colors.
Highlight your interior with its beautiful, colorful and naturally wrinkled texture.

Merci Paris
Did you know?

Place the rail at least 5 cm above the window to be able to open it without any difficulties.

For a straight drop, provide a space of 1 cm between the bottom of the curtain and the floor.
For the curtain to touch the floor, provide an additional 5 to 10 cm between the bottom of the curtain and the floor.

How to take care of your kitchen linen

Wash softly at 40°C

Nothing better than drying your washed linen curtains in the fresh air if you can.

For a first wash, we strongly advise you to wash your item on its own without mixing it with other colors.
If you prefer to use a tumble dryer, choose a moderate temperature and remove your curtains when they are still damp. Put them back on the rail to dry completely.

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