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Cotton gauze

A brand new material with unparalleled comfort

Merci drew its inspiration from the colors of its Parisien Pied-à-Terre for its cotton gauze bed linen collection. A new material, with unmatched comfort, an extremely flexible double cotton gauze in which we find the softness of cotton and the pretty wrinkled linen look.

The cotton gauze is a fabric composed of two thin, very light layers, which are woven together by invisible stitches. Very flexible, it offers a high comfort with its lightweight and breathable drape. Carefree - this material does not need ironing. Mercis cotton has a certified Label OEKO-TEX®, guaranteeing a yearly tested textile and certifies the absence of harmful substances.

Bleu marais & beige quai de seine

Two new colors added to the collection.

Merci selection

Extract of the collection

Housse de couette en gaze de coton - Blanc de Meudon
Cotton gauze duvet cover - Blanc de Meudon From 85 €
Taie d'oreiller en gaze de coton - Gris Fusain
Cotton gauze pillowcase - Charcoal grey From 25 €
Housse de couette en gaze de coton - Vert Luxembourg
Cotton gauze duvet cover - Vert Luxembourg From 85 €
Taie d'oreiller en gaze de coton - Rose de Bagatelle
Cotton gauze pillowcase - Rose de Bagatelle From 25 €

Seven colors that pay homage to Paris

Each color is citing a specific room in the apartment. Charcoal Gray in the living room, Bagatelle Rose in the dining room, Parisien Grey in the children's bedroom, Luxembourg Green in the corridors and Meudon White in the master bedroom..

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