Trudon scented candle 270 g - Gabriel

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"Gabriel heralds the warm late afternoons of winter. When the flames crackle and the smell of burning wood mingles with the scent of home cooking. A friendly scent that weaves happy and greedy memories".

  • Olfactory pyramid
    Head notes: birchwood, glace chestnut
    Heart notes: chashmere wood, moss
    Base notes: cedarwood, musk, patchouli
  • Burning time: 55 to 60 h
  • H10,5 x 9cm

TipsDuring the first use, it is recommended to let the candle burn for 1 to 1h30  to avoid that the candle digs. This will allow you to enjoy your candle until the bottom of the pot. It is preferable to smother the candle and to cut a small piece of the wick after each use.

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