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  • What is the point of sounding the alarm against the consumer society and the resulting pollution, if we continue to support the industries that poison us and deplete the natural resources of our planet? Let's not use up the little oxygen we have left shouting our dismay.
  • Let us rather relearn to live without the products of these industries and let us find, in contact with nature, the bases of a true scale of values. Of course, it will be difficult for us to do without manufactured products, we have accumulated too many bad habits during generations.
  • But let's imagine an industrial production that would be limited to essential things. It's not easy to determine them, since we have lost the notion of what is essential! But let's put our knowledge on hold and meditate on its use. Let's reconsider the essential elements of our existence.

Number of pages: 200
Author: Jacques Massacrier
Dimensions: 21,2 cm × 30,8 cm × 2,2 cm