Notebook A5 - Grey

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SIKIGU is a brand that offers quality supplies made from "Shiki-gu" paper. According to the "Shiki-gu" philosophy, paper is considered an essential resource for life and its characteristics are valued. The daily life supplies produced are designed to convey, store and install. Through its products, SIKIGU wishes to rethink the traditional use of paper, to seek new uses and to develop the potential of this material for future generations.

  • SIKIGU collaborates this time with Merci for its notebook with a minimalist and pure design called "PAD NOTE"
  • The notebook opens flat and it is very easy to remove a sheet of paper
  • The detached sheet of paper is twice the size of the notebook
  • Perfect for sharing, giving ideas and drawing
  • Made in Japan
  • 80 pages in A5 format
  • White pages with small squares
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